The Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces is a place of interdisciplinary research for creating and understanding innovative interfaces that facilitate human communication, collaboration and social interaction.

NUIs provide richer ways for interacting with the digital world in ways that are natural and appropriate to the task at hand. They include — and often combine — different input modalities such as voice input, gesture recognition, eye gaze, body-based interaction and touch. Social NUI is concerned with the social uses and applications of these NUI technologies — how we design these technologies for new social practices and how we understand the use of these technologies in key social contexts.

The centre for Social NUI is a research partnership between Microsoft and the University of Melbourne, with support from the Victorian State Government. It is a centre for academics and students wishing to collaborate with leading researchers dedicated to understanding and creating NUI for social interactions.

Reframing Natural User Interfaces as a Social Concern

Seminar by Professor Kenton O’Hara, Microsoft Research Lab, Cambridge UK

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PhD Opportunities

We are recruiting PhD students in the area of Social NUI.

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